Thin Bread CrumbsPan Rallado Fino

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Brand: Santa Rita

Natural breadcrumbs with a fine granulometry, soft colour,

It only contains flour, water and yeast, there are no traces of any other product, it does not contain salt.

It is the ideal bread for all kinds of elaborations, getting some, fried, battered / breaded uniforms, which covers the entire surface of the food.


Wheat flour, water and yeast.


It contains gluten


Marca: Santa Rita

Pan rallado natural con una granulometrí­a fina, color suave,

Solo contiene harina, agua y levadura, no hay trazas de ningún otro producto, no contiene sal.

Es el pan ideal para todo tipo de elaboraciones, consiguiendo unas, frituras, rebozados / empanados uniformes, que cubre toda la superficie de los alimentos.


Harina de trigo, agua y levadura.


Contiene Gluten 

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